- [New] Store now only will be Available to open in Loren-Market.

- [Balance] Exp x1000.

- [Balance] WebShop Prices and WCoinC earned in-game.

- [Balance] Drop of Jewels in-game.

- [Balance] Wing Mix in Chaos Machine now has more probability of success.

- [Balance] Dark Raven and Dark Horse now has more defense and life.

- [Balance] Golden Monsters were too overpowered.

- [Fix] Skill Penetration and Triple-Shot didn't worked properly.

- [Fix] Drop Medusa and Kanturu Ruin Event Bosses.

- [Fix] Items Ancient now has a chance to drop with Luck-Skill.

- [Fix] Items S4+ now drops with empty sockets.

- [Fix] Stun Skill from Monsters now slows down.

- Added New Items Available on WebShop:

- (19) Shields

- Awakening weapons: (2) Swords - (1) Maces - (1) Bows - (2) Staffs

- (3) Wings

- Other minor changes


**It's required to patch the Client using the Launcher (Mu.exe)

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